As the months pass…

One more month. One more confirmation I am not pregnant. 6 more pregnancy announcements among my Facebook friends.

We have “only” been at this for a little over a year. I put only in quotes because it may not seem like a long time compared to couples that go through infertility issues for years, sometimes never even being able to have a child of their own. But, when you want nothing more than to become pregnant and have a child, a little over a year seems like an eternity.


I am getting frustrated. I am frustrating my husband. And guess what? We are still not pregnant. Being frustrated at ourselves, each other, God, other couples (or single women) that are getting pregnant is not helping us to get pregnant any sooner.

Romantic couple watching the stars

Yes, I think it is normal for us to feel discouraged and sad by the fact that what we want most right not is not being given to us. I have been praying for a baby every day, and although my husband is not religious, I know he is wishing for a baby as well. That praying, hoping, and wishing (I hope) is getting us somewhere. If not to just give us a little more peace and calmness during the months that dredge by.

What isn’t helping us? Frustration, sadness, seclusion, depression, and feeling sorry for ourselves.

My husband and I need to stick together and continue to offer each other encouragement and support during these infertile times, and we just need to hope they are about to end and God is going to bless us with a baby.

So what should we do while we “wait” to get pregnant?!

Well, I am going to focus on myself (diet, exercise, job), my marriage, and my home (including my puppies of course). I am going to make an effort to not get frustrated at my husband, at least not over petty things related to our not having a baby. I still want him to pick up his dirty clothes! (;  I am going to celebrate with my friends that are expecting a baby and not make them share in my wallowing. I am going to continue to pray and wish and dream for a baby to come into our lives.

Check out It is the website for the National Infertility Association. They have support groups, information, advice, and resources for those struggling with infertility.


♥ Other TTC women: I want to hear from you. Tell me about your journey, how you (and your significant other) are dealing with infertility issues, and any advice you have for others that are TTC. As I am praying for myself to be blessed with a baby I will also be praying for all of you deserving women too.
**Baby wishes on the way!**

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