I am back. . . and with exciting news!

I know that I have been gone for a while. I work full time as an RN and we have been working overtime like crazy recently until our staffing picks up. The hours should be settling down in the next few weeks and I plan to delve back into this blog as much as possible!

But anyway, in the mix of working these crazy hours, I have some exciting news to share!!
My husband and I are FINALLY expecting! (:


We are due May 7, 2017 and we could not be any more excited. We got to hear the heartbeat last week and it was 170 (girl possibly?). My husband is hoping for a girl, but I truly don’t have a preference at all. As long as it is healthy and happy!

You can read about our journey to parenthood here. I know many many people go through more difficult times trying to conceive and my thoughts and prayers remain with those individuals and couples. We consider ourselves lucky that we did not need to go through any extreme measures, procedures, or medications to get pregnant. Just a little patience and faith, and tips from friends: take cough medicine to thin your mucous, put your legs up for 20 minutes after sex, etc. – call me crazy but they must have worked 😉

I plan on posting updates throughout the pregnancy and sharing tips, tricks, advice, and deals that I come across along the way so subscribe to my page if that sort of thing interests you (:

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