July’s Debt Payoff Update

Sorry for the month of absence. I have been working three different places to try and pay off as much of our debt as possible. Because of that, I have had very little time to spend on here updating the blog. I finally got a few days off from everything and I updated my debt payoff excel sheet.

So, here it is…

Screenshot (7)

Personally, I find this update to be pretty uneventful (whomp whomp). Even though I have been working extra, we have had extra expenses these past few months, including paying for our land to be graded and ready for building (which we aren’t starting for a while), my husband built a pavilion at the property, I had many baby showers this year, and we just booked a vacation for our anniversary (post on this in the future!). No, we did not need a pavilion or a vacation, which would have saved us money, but my husband was not willing to give up the pavilion and I was not willing to give up the vacation. We are stubborn, and we need to work on that! :/

First, the bad news: it is very disheartening to look at the last couple items on the debt payoff list (mortgage, CrV, and land). These amounts, although it seems like we are paying A LOT of money every month, are not going down. Like, at all!

Here is my big advice. . . . “Don’t look at these lines!”

→ Instead, focus on the first couple lines that are going down! The tractor loan is down to $600! From where that was just a few months ago, that’s awesome. At least I think it is. That baby will be paid off in 2 months, promise!

Unfortunately, my school loans start the beginning of August, so our spending is really going to have to get under control, and I fear that I won’t be able to pay off as much on our other debts.  So, instead of making monthly goals, I am going to make a goal for the end of the year, because I think that will be more realistic.

My goal is to start 2017 with the tractor, Brody’s surgery, Cabela’s card, and the Discover card all paid off!! Then, we can spend 2017 working down those school loans, one little dollar at a time. And, hopefully have more money to put into savings for a house. 

What are your debt payoff goals? And what advice and tricks do you have to get there quicker?! Let me know (:

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