Our Story

I decided to share the story of how my husband and I met and how we got to where we are today.

It all began in the high school cafeteria. I was a freshman and he was a senior. I was in love with his best friend (meaning, I had a HUGE crush but the feeling weren’t mutual. ha!). Anyway I met JJ (my husband) through being friends with my crush (he shall remain nameless). He started inviting me to hang out with their group of friends and after a few months he finally asked me “So, do you wanna make this official?” (Swoon, SO romantic!) This was on July 3, 2008.
100_2555 This was one of our first pictures together.

In August of 2008 he left for boot camp for the Marine Corps in South Carolina. Unfortunately he had an allergic reaction to an insect bite and had to be sent home. (Sounds like a minor thing, but apparently you are not allowed to carry an Epi Pen in the Marines so he was not allowed to continue?).

100_4236 100_4524  100_5105

The next few years were filled with me finishing high school, going to Seton Hill for a year, and him working full time. At the end of my first year at Seton Hill I decided I wanted to transfer to a 2-year nursing program closer to home. With this transition also came the proposal to move into the house JJ had just bought. After some convincing of my parents, they agreed and we moved in together in May of 2012.
0702122013 (2) Our first picture at the house.

Then, FINALLY, on December 25, 2012, I got the best Christmas present (and one I had waited a long time for!).
1225120857  122 FINALLY ENGAGED!

I was still in nursing school and working part-time so we did not get married until September 6, 2014. It was the most perfect day of my life and I loved every part of it. I loved all the planning and details, decorating, shopping, and the actual wedding day of course!

AJ_022 My handsome groom (:


AJ_167 AJ_182<– How cute is this?!

AJ_185 AJ_186 <– One of my faves!

AJ_213 I LOVED our cake!

AJ_217 FINALLY MARRIED! Mr. and Mrs. Penrod (:

We honeymooned in Jamaica at one of their Sandals Resorts. It was amazing! We went zip-lining down a waterfall, hiked up a waterfall, went sailing and kayaking on the ocean, had a professional photo shoot, and spent a lot of time relaxing, eating, and drinking. Click here to check out their site and some of their awesome all inclusive deals.

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We are currently still living in the house JJ bought a couple years ago, but we own 18.9 acres nearby that we plan on building a house on as soon as we can afford it. As you probably already know, we have 2 German Shepherds who are my babies right now. For our journey on having human babies, click here.

Thank you for reading our love story (:

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