The Dog Days of Summer

We are finally getting some hot weather in Pennsylvania!
I am loving it, and so are the pups.


Being the overly anxious Dog Mom that I am, I am always worried about the boys getting overheated in the summertime.
I will share the signs of overheating in dogs to watch out for, what to do if they occur, and some ways I like to keep my doggies cool in the summer.
*I am NOT a vet. This information was taken from a reference site. Please consult your vet for health advice.

First of all, know the signs! 

  • Heavy panting/breathing
  • Glazed eyes
  • Weakness/lethargy
  • Vomiting, bloody diarrhea
  • Bright or dark red gums/tongue
  • Excessive drooling

*It is important to know your dogs. For example, Brody commonly breathes heavier, and is medically healthy. My dogs are always more tired and lazy in the summertime due to the high temperatures. I know what is normal for my dogs, so I also know what is abnormal and when I should take action.

How can I prevent overheating?

  • Exercise dogs in the cooler hours of the evening.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water all day.
  • Do NOT leave dogs in parked vehicles with windows up.
  • Don’t walk them on hot pavement.
    • If you cannot keep the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds, it is TOO HOT!

*If you suspect any signs of overheating call your vet immediately!

The above information was taken from the Healthy Pets website. Visit it for more information.

What can I do to keep my dogs cool?


There is a constant debate over whether ice water is good or bad for dogs on hot summer days. I am not even going to go into that. You can do your own research and choose whomever you believe more. I am simply going to tell you what I do…

I do not give my dogs ice water. They do, however, love ice cubes. As soon as they hear the ice maker going, they are right there begging for a treat! They never get more then 1 ice cube at a time and I do not give them ice cubes whenever they are hot. Sounds stupid, I know. But, I am afraid of it causing bloat if they eat something too cold when they are overheating. I prefer to make them some cold/frozen treats.

One treat I make them is frozen peanut butter and banana cubes.
I mix together peanut butter (a big scoop), one banana (or banana baby food which I happened to have on hand this time), and half a container of yogurt.
I also add some blueberries to half the treats. I scoop it into an ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer. Brody eats his food very slow, usually licking it until it is gone, so I don’t worry about him eating these too fast.
P.S. How cute would these be to make treats? You can bake them or freeze them!
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The other day I mixed a banana (sliced), a scoop of peanut butter, applesauce, and some frozen blueberries together for an afternoon treat for the dogs. (They LOVE applesauce and bananas if you can’t tell).


I hope to add more frozen recipes soon, but for now I must go.
If anyone has any other treat recipes or ideas to keep your pets cool, let me know!

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